Halloween Day

A tradition that does not lose strength is Halloween Day, where children go out to ask for candies, disguised as their favorite characters. Our team has prepared a report about this children’s party, so that you know its origins and some recommendations, so that your children are not in any risk.

The Beginnings | Halloween Day

For the Celts, the new year was celebrated on November 1, and the day before, October 31, rituals and festivities were performed in honor of the God of Death, marking the beginning of decay, cold and death, that is, winter.

Costumes and Masks | Halloween Day

Choose a light-colored costume on Halloween Day, or add phosphorescent tape on the front and back of the costume, so your children can be seen easily. Make sure wigs or beards don’t cover your child’s eyes, nose, or mouth. Prevent your children from wearing masks; they don’t allow good vision and it’s hard to breathe inside them. Use non-toxic paint or makeup to replace masks.