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Hour Culture in the Eurometropolis

The Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis covers an area of more than 3589 km2 and has nearly 2 million inhabitants.
L'Eurométropole Lille-Courtrai-Tournai couvre une superficie de plus de 3589 km2 et compte près de 2 millions d'habitants.
De Eurometropool Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai heeft een oppervlakte van meer dan 3589 km2 en heeft bijna 2 miljoen inwoners.

Among the territorial resources, hundreds of cultural actors animate, each in their sector and their region, the soul of our territory.
It was high time to put this pool of skills, creations and meaningful developers around the big table in our Euroregion.

In the spirit of the "tour of cultural factories" coordinated at the beginning of the decade 2010 by the Eurometropolis Agency, "HOUR CULTURE" offers cultural actors a new rhythm: that of meetings in cultural places on both sides Another of our regions, that of discovering other cultural paths, that of knowing the women and men who make up the culture of the Eurometropolis.

The concept is simple: in one hour, come and discover a place, exchange with the teams around the processes, ways of managing and cultivating them and leave, after a friendly moment, with new ideas, new desires ...

A win-win dynamic, a network that is (re) constituted, (future) ambitions that will emerge ... within our cross-border territory, the heart of Cultures of Europe.